Quartzsite RV Show

If you’ve never been to the Quartzsite RV show, you have to go! I don’t think I’ve seen that many rv’s in one place and I’m not referring to ones on display but all of the ones that come into town from all over the U.S. for the show. It is all one big shopping experience with hundreds of booths and I didn’t leave hungry because there’s lots of choices for food and they have a beer garden which was frequented by many! I was really impressed with the Redwood 5’ers on display. They are high end beautiful rigs. Best of all was the weather as it was 70 degrees which felt so good after leaving the 40 degree weather in Reno. If you are an ATV owner, you would love Quartzsite as there are endless trails to ride and a big desert sand dunes area by Brawley, CA. Next year the show starts on January 17th so plan to attend!


quartzsite 2.jpg

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