Going Camping Soon?

I’m sure most RV owners are itching to get their rigs out and on the road to their favorite camping site. RV’s have been sitting out in the cold weather in most areas of the United States for the past few months. Hopefully, your RV was winterize before being putting it into hibernation for the winter. If not, you may want to consider having your RV looked at by a RV technician before setting out on your next camping adventure.

In the spring most of my service calls are from owners who have gone out on their first camping trip and unfortunately find out that their water heater didn’t work. Not fun when you are all ready for a hot shower and only cold water comes out. Sometimes the reason for not having hot water (luke warm maybe) is that the water bypass valves to the water heater weren’t turned back in the correct position after winterization. This is a simple fix, but unless you know where the valves are located, you may need help.

The other issue I see often times is that an owner has turned on the water heater in the electric mode when there was no water in the water heater tank. When this happens the electric heating element gets burned up and the water heater will only work on propane.

Before going out on your first trip, make sure your water heater works on both propane and gas if it is designed to do so. If not working like it should, feel free to give us a call.

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